8 Must-Have Amenities In An Apartment Building

February 8, 2023
8 Must-Have Amenities In An Apartment Building

We often hear of people who are not satisfied after purchasing a new home — they realise that the amenities they require don’t exist there! This situation can be avoided simply by planning your requirements beforehand.

There are some amenities that are non-negotiable and that is what we are focusing on. Here at 8 must-have amenities in an apartment building:

#1: Power Backup — Don’t Get Lost in the Dark
This is a default provision in many apartments these days, but be sure to check. With power cuts happening every once in a while, you don’t want to be stuck with no lights in the dark.

#2: Lifts — Skip the Cardio of Climbing Stairs

Unless you are a fitness enthusiast, you don’t want to live on one of the upper floors of an apartment building where the lifts are constantly failing. While it is good to use the stairs and get some exercise, you also want functioning and reliable lifts available at all times.

#3: Water Supply — Thirst No More

Water scarcity is rapidly becoming an issue in many cities. Relying only on the municipal water supply might not be a good idea. See if the apartment complex has a borewell so that you always have a water supply available.

#4: Security & Surveillance — Robbers Beware!

Having a watchman on rotation as well as CCTV security cameras is a must for any apartment complex. This ensures that unauthorized individuals do not enter the premises, guaranteeing the security of your family.

#5: Parking Space — Don’t Park Outside!

You want a parking space for your car — and a covered one, ideally. You don’t want to struggle for parking space on the roads around your apartment.

#6: Common Spaces — To Relax and Unwind

At the very least, your apartment should have a terrace that is accessible. This common area will be ideal when you want to go for a quick walk to stretch your legs. These common areas should be well-maintained as well.

#7: Waste Disposal — Let it Not Pile Up

Waste disposal on a daily basis — ideally segregated into wet and dry waste — should be available at your apartment building. The waste should be taken from your flat and away from the apartment on the same day.

#8: Maintenance — Regular Upkeep is Needed

There needs to be a system in place for regular maintenance activities to be conducted at your apartment building, especially in the common areas. This includes cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, electrical work and so on. Most apartment associations charge a monthly fee for this, which is reasonable.

Bonus Amenities — Nice-to-Have!

Depending on your requirements, you can also look for additional amenities:

  • Recreational Facilities: These are especially required if you have kids. An outdoor play area or park, as well as an indoor playroom, would be good to have. But for adults too, you can look for badminton or tennis courts.

  • Fitness Centre: Instead of driving to the gym every day, it would be great to have a gym at your apartment itself. A swimming pool or jogging/cycling track also might work for you.

  • Park or Greenery: Just because you are in the city doesn’t mean you can’t be in touch with nature. A small park area with a walking/jogging track and a water feature would be a great addition to an apartment building.

  • Inclusive/Accessible Spaces: Whether it’s for senior citizens or differently-abled individuals, you will greatly benefit from having ramps, benches and other basic facilities to make life easier for them.

All apartments built by Marian Projects have state-of-the-art amenities. We cover all 8 must-have amenities mentioned above and throw in some additional ones for good measure — all at an affordable price!

Marian Park — our integrated apartment community has a children’s play area, gymnasium, swimming pool, badminton court, library, billiards room, indoor sports room, and much more!

Contact us now to enquire about bookings available in our ongoing projects and let us help you find your dream home!

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