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Benefits for NRIs to invest in real estate in India

Posted by Marian Projects on January 27, 2020
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Some Indians have migrated to foreign countries over the years in search of better opportunities. This category of people known commonly as NRIs (Non-Residential Indians) hold an Indian passport but reside in another country for education and work.

Over the years, India has become an attractive investment location for the non-resident Indians. The Indian market is looking lucrative to these investors due to various reasons. The investment opportunities available for the NRIs are plenty, in the form of fixed deposits, equity, mutual funds, government bonds, insurance and real estate.

Among these, it is seen that real estate is one of the biggest investment options that have attracted NRIs since long. Research reveals that there are many reasons why NRIs prefer to invest in real estate in India. One of the main reasons happen to be the emotional connect that comes with owning your own property in your motherland . Another reason is the dream of investing in a growing economy of India that is known for soaring prices of property.

Over the years , there has been some positive changes in the legalities governing this sector. There has been a boom in the real estate sector that has made a lot of people taste huge profits from their real estate investments. Rules have also been put up to avoid frauds.

It is highly recommended that Inspite of this, NRIs need to consider some  factors before making a purchase decision, which will help them understand the concerned regulations to safeguard their invested funds.

According to a study conducted , this increase in NRI focus on real estate opportunities in India could be attributed  to two factors.

  1. Since the last few years, India’s property market has been down by almost fifteen per cent in most cities, including Mumbai.
  2. Secondly, the rupee has been depreciating in the global financial scenario hence this increases their buying capacity. Thus, the NRI investor in real estate sector is getting an average booking of 30 per cent as soon as they enter the market here.

India has been welcoming investors in recent years. We can see increased transparency and ease of doing business. The  implementation of GST and the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act,RERA, investors’ interest has increased further. Gopal Sharma, who stays in Dubai said, “Earlier, NRIs mostly invested only in the luxury segment. Now we are investing more in affordable segment. But we are very careful in choosing the projects and the builders”

Keeping regular track of the property:

It is always recommended to keep track of the progress of a property, after making a purchase .It is always safer to opt for the well-reputed builders .All the licences and other papers need to be well checked by an attorney. This way they are less likely to fall prey to frauds or unnecessary delays in completion of projects.

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