Integrated Residential Communities: The Emerging Trend In Real Estate

February 8, 2023
Integrated Residential Communities: The Emerging Trend In Real Estate

There is a new trend emerging in residential real estate and it’s proving to be very attractive to home buyers — especially those with busy professional lives. This trend goes by several names, but for the purpose of this blog, let’s call them integrated residential communities.

What are integrated residential communities?
Integrated residential communities are large apartment complexes that offer homebuyers all the essential services they need within the complex itself. This includes medical facilities and pharmacies, retail and grocery shops, office space, restaurants, recreational areas and much more! So you can think of integrated residential communities as residential real estate combined with some commercial real estate.

Cost-Effective for Both Homeowners & Businesses
These types of communities are made possible when the size of the project is large enough to accommodate many homes, so the commercial establishments have access to a large enough customer base to remain profitable. From a home owner’s perspective, if 80% to 90% of the services you need on a daily basis are in the same building, then you save a lot of time and money. So it makes perfect sense to choose the same!
The integrated residential project need not be in an apartment complex — it can also be spread out as an integrated residential township. When this happens, you can also include schools, hospitals, clubs and other services that people need.

Adani Shantigram is one example of a residential township. Located in Ahmedabad, it boasts of multiple gyms, swimming pools, sports grounds, beautifully landscaped parks and gardens, several water bodies, a school, a business district, a mall, and even a golf course and country club!

India is seeing the growth of several integrated residential communities in the form of apartments and townships. This trend is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years as work-from-home is becoming an option for many professionals.

The Park by Marian — Mangalore’s First Integrated Residential Apartment

With Mangalore City witnessing rapid growth, Marian Projects has set the tone by building the first integrated residential community in the city — The Park. Located close to the famous Kadri Park, the complex comprises multiple 2BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK, and duplex apartments, independent villas, premium office spaces, retail spaces, restaurants and serviced apartments spread over 4 acres.

The Park boasts of a lush green landscape surrounding the architecture, multiple water features and majestic external bridges that connect the basement floors around the building.

The amenities include a grand lobby area, 24/7 cafeteria, swimming pool, badminton court, library, billiards room, indoor sports room, children’s play area, superstore, polyclinic, fine dining areas, reticulated gas system, sewage treatment plant, fire fighting system, rainwater harvesting system and much more!

A Great Community Space to Raise Children

Without a doubt, the biggest advantage of integrated residential communities like Marian Park is that they are a great place to raise kids. Today, children are increasingly in need of peers with whom they can connect and play. Integrated communities bring together many of the spaces where children love to spend time, while also providing a secure environment for them to move about freely.

Marian Projects is leading the way in building residential real estate that is in tune with the needs of the twenty-first century working professional with a family. That is why we have established ourselves as a leading real estate developer in Mangalore in a short span of time.

Apart from The Park, we have several other residential projects where you might just find your dream home! Contact us now to enquire about bookings available in our ongoing projects and we will be happy to help!

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