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Reasons to invest in Commercial Properties in Mangalore

Posted by Marian Projects on March 18, 2020
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In India, commercial property is considered as the most profitable investment with guaranteed returns. Elite and convenient commercial properties in Mangalore are coming up. The rapidly increasing developments of commercial properties by the top developers in Mangalore is attracting investors from all over the world. So if you are still wondering why you need to invest in commercial properties in Mangalore, here we give you verified reasons to invest in Mangalore commercial properties:

Reasons To Invest In Commercial property in Mangalore: Why Mangalore Is Booming and ideal city for investors

  1. Properties in prime areas

In the recent few years, commercial development in Mangalore has seen rapid growth. Commercial structures by top real estate companies in Mangalore are coming up in posh and busy areas. Now, both buyers and builders can get excellent properties is centrally located and posh areas.

  1. World-class Healthcare

According to recent reports, Mangalore ranks 11th in the list for healthcare. The survey conducted also states that it is way beyond major developed cities. It could be attributed to the fact that Mangalore has India’s best medical facilities, colleges, and hospitals. Mangalore also boasts of expert healthcare professionals, highly advanced medical technology, and health infrastructure. This is an essential factor that is also helping propel its medical tourism.

  1. Property development in Mangalore suburbs

Mangalore is expanding. Due to increasing infrastructure and connectivity, many commercial properties have emerged in the suburbs of Mangalore. In the past few years, these suburban areas are rapidly growing mainly due to the planned commercial developmental activities and infrastructure development taking place in these areas. A large number of investors from across the country and outside have found these areas as highly lucrative are. Hence these commercial properties are attracting lots of investment.

  1. High Living Standards and Quality of Life

The definition of A high quality of life is the right work-life balance. It also includes access to affordable and quality healthcare, education, and infrastructure, and excellent job opportunities. Taking into consideration all these factors, Mangalore has a high quality of life.

  1. Affordable Property Prices

Compared to other metropolitan cities such as Mumbai or New Delhi, Mangalore has always been a better option for investors.  Real estate in Mangalore offers an affordable range of investment with a high return on investment. Compared to the initial amount required for financing, the gains have always exceeded expectations in Mangalore. Another promising factor is the real estate market in Mangalore has always remained stable in the last few decades. There has been a considerable gap seen in the real estate sector in Mangalore with demand exceeding supply. Thank sufficiently many big real estate builders are fulfilling this gap.

  1. The Price Escalation factor

Properties in newly developed areas have higher chances of price escalation. There is a massive demand for property in these suburbs of Mangalore due to the recent growth. Another factor that has attracted a considerable number of investors is the fact that you can book your property with token money. You can then pay the balance amount before possession. The best part is you can sell this property after completion as the price would have escalated. This is another factor why investing in commercial properties is increasing in Mangalore.

  1. Premier Education centers

Mangalore has got some of India’s major engineering and medical colleges like NITK and KMC and many other renowned educational institutes.

Wrapping up the advantages of investing in commercial properties in Mangalore, we would like to state here that this city is fast becoming a center of real estate investment globally. Looking at the current growth, we can predict that the opportunities will be growing in the coming years as top real estate companies are investing in Mangalore. If you are planning to buy a property in Mangalore, you can check out  Marian’s flagship project, “The Park,”  situated at a prime location in Mangalore city.

Situated in the vicinity of the famous Kadri Park, it is well connected to the reputed schools and colleges in the neighborhood like Padua College, St. Agnes College, Lourdes Central School, and Hospitals like A.J. Shetty Hospital, City Hospital, among others. This is going to be Mangalore’s first tall tower, with a world-class space designed with a concept of “Walk To Work.” These towers house premium office spaces, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, laundry, salons, etc., transforming “The Park” into a complete township. We have built this space intending to reduce commute time in this era of increasing traffic so that you utilize your time more productively for work or family.

Marian Infrastructures has made its presence felt in the district in a relatively short period by building elite residential houses in prime locations of Mangalore.

Since the inception to the present, over 580 Happy Homes from 16 Projects have been delivered by the company. Marian is now a leading infrastructure development company. Marian properties come with world-class amenities and is now one of the preferred residential properties in Mangalore.

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