At Marian, We Don’t Just Build Homes. We Design Your Dreams!

Established in 2008 as a partnership company, Marian Infrastructures was founded by a two-man team of professional Civil Engineers with a modest team of 6 members. The company was upgraded to a Private Limited company called Marian Projects led by a board of principled directors in March 2011. Today, the company comprises a total direct employee strength of 100+ and a workforce of around 1500+.

Today, we are among the most prominent real estate developers in Mangalore and have made our presence felt across Mangalore & Udupi in a relatively short span of time. We have designed, developed and delivered more than 2000+ homes across 23 projects to our satisfied customers.

“Marian” is a household name today and has become one of the most sought after companies for quality homes which cater to all segments of society. All our projects are meticulously planned by select professional teams and equally dedicated professional execution teams. The company boasts of an in-house construction team that has created a niche in the construction industry of Mangalore by bagging prestigious awards for its contracting ventures.

The Marian team has laid down ambitious plans for the coming years and we intend to expand our presence globally with our forthcoming ventures.

Vision & Mission

Marian Vision


Our vision at Marian Projects is to:

  • Deliver high-quality homes that exceed customer expectations and provide exceptional satisfaction.
  • Design and construct eco-friendly homes that promote sustainability and conservation of energy and natural resources.
  • Create a distinct presence in the residential sector by providing affordable and budget-friendly housing solutions.
  • Embrace recycling and waste management by adopting sustainable practices for waste segregation and reuse.
  • Strive to become a cost-effective and professional contractor while adhering to customer specifications with no compromise on quality.



Our mission is to deliver exceptional services to our customers by integrating aggressive strategic marketing with the highest quality standards at competitive prices. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients, and to providing the best possible experience through our commitment to excellence.

Noteworthy Milestones

At our company, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and have achieved many noteworthy milestones over the years. Here are just a few of our proudest accomplishments:
  • At our company, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and have achieved many noteworthy milestones over the years. Here are just a few of our proudest accomplishments:
  • As one of the first companies in Mangalore to include fully equipped kitchens in our projects, we set a new standard for convenience and quality.
  • We completed the prestigious Academic Block III of St. Joseph’s Engineering College in Mangalore in record time, along with all necessary infrastructural facilities.
  • The factory building for M/s Brightflexi International Pvt. Ltd. at Baikampady, Mangalore was completed on schedule, showcasing our commitment to meeting deadlines.
  • We completed the refurbishment and interiors for income tax offices in just 45 days, setting a new record for speed and efficiency.
  • Our work on the St. Zuze Vas Home, a retired priests home, was recognized with the “Outstanding Concrete Structure” award at the Ultratech awards in 2017.
  • We finished the “Home for the Aged” project in Kurkal Village, Shankarapura, Udupi district six months ahead of schedule and were honored with the “Well Built Concrete Structure” award at the Ultratech awards in 2018.
  • Our installation of a 30KLD STP plant at one of our projects without any municipality/corporation obligations showcases our commitment to sustainability and the environment.
  • We have maintained ISO 9001:2015 certification regularly since 2013, and our quality management systems have been subject to stringent audits and follow-up by external agencies.
  • At our company, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible and consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Quality Policy

At Marian Projects Pvt. Ltd., we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and reliable services to our esteemed clients. Our Quality Policy outlines our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our work, including the development and construction of residential and commercial properties, as well as allied support services.

Our Quality Policy includes the following key objectives:

  • Providing the highest level of quality assurance in all our projects, on par with the industry’s best practices.
  • Consistently maintaining exceptional quality in our products and support services to meet or exceed the industry’s standards.
  • Meeting customer requirements and exceeding their expectations.
  • Continually improving our Project Management Processes by taking timely corrective actions based on past project experiences.
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulatory and statutory bodies to which we subscribe.
  • Adopting a risk-based approach to all our processes, with a focus on minimizing the associated risks.
  • Implementing innovative technologies in all our activities to enhance our services and stay at the forefront of the industry.
  • Providing Continual Professional Development (CPD) for our employees through measurement, performance evaluation, review, and training.
  • Maintaining an effective Quality Management System (QMS) and meeting all safety requirements.
  • Disseminating our Quality Policy to all employees and stakeholders in our organization.

At Marian Projects Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions to our clients, while continually improving our processes and ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory bodies. Our Quality Policy is a testament to our dedication to excellence in all aspects of our work.

Management Team

Naveen Cardoza

Naveen Cardoza

Managing Director

Naveen, a graduate engineer, is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. He is well-known and respected in the real estate circles for his creative and innovative approach to design and development. Naveen’s projects are always ahead of the curve, incorporating the latest trends in the industry, and are the result of his keen analytical mind and attention to detail.

His ability to bring creative concepts to life has earned him a reputation as a leader in the real estate industry. With his extensive experience and knowledge, Naveen continues to deliver exceptional projects that meet the needs and expectations of his clients. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial properties, Naveen’s passion for real estate is evident in every project he undertakes.

Ujwal Dsouza

Ujwal Dsouza

Director-Operations & Administration

Ujwal is a seasoned construction professional with over 30 years of experience in India and abroad, including countries such as the Sultanate of Brunei, State of Qatar, and Republic of Spain. He has a strong background in executing large-scale civil engineering projects and is known for his focus on improving safety and quality.

Ujwal leads a team of professional engineers and consultants, utilizing their expertise to ensure successful project outcomes. He is dedicated to incorporating the latest technology into his work, which allows for efficient and effective project execution. With his wealth of experience and commitment to excellence, Ujwal consistently delivers projects on time and to the highest standards.


Anand Kumar Varadharajulu

Director-Investments & Business Development

Anand is a highly experienced professional in the chemical engineering industry, having worked with some of the top companies in the United States and the Middle East. He is a co-founder of AquaChemie and has played a pivotal role in establishing the company as a leading figure in the Middle East’s chemical industry.

Anand is recognized for his exceptional ability to evaluate and bring to life world-class projects, which has earned him a reputation as a prominent figure in the field. His leadership has resulted in significant milestones, including the successful opening of a petrochemical terminal at the strategically positioned Jebel Ali Port in the UAE.

With his extensive international experience and business savvy, Anand is an invaluable mentor to the organization. He provides guidance and support for projects, leveraging his expertise in managing complex projects and streamlining work processes to ensure their success, to the benefit of the team.